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In an effort to provide the finest leadership possible for MMRA, our competition committee has been re-established for 2009.  This 5 member committee will handle the "tough decisions" regarding the direction and focus of MMRA moving forward.  Some of the types of questions this committee will address include the following:

1.  What rules changes should be made?
2.  What changes should be made to MMRA policies and procedures?
3.  Should the MMRA Code of Conduct be changed?

Fortunately MMRA racing has some of the finest, most generous, intelligent people in all of racing and we had a vast talent pool from which to draw.  In the end, these are the folks we would like to welcome as the members of the 2007 MMRA Competition Committee:

1.  Lash Larew/Washington - Lash has been a longtime Baby Grand racer in both Alaska and Washington state.  He owns his own helicopter business and brings both business savvy, and racing experience to the committee.

2.  Grant Edwards/Canada - Grant is a former Late Model racer who now serves as the Baby Grands dealer for Alberta.  His son races in the Junior PRO division and he is the racing business full time.  He has years of experience in promoting events and dealing with the personalities in racing.

3.  Bill Hill/California - Bill manages the Western Scale Racing Association which organizes minicup and Baby Grand events in California.  Bill has years of experience in Quarter Midget racing and his kids are both graduates of this important feeder series for MMRA.

4.  Mardy Dunn/North Carolina - National Director of MMRA.  Mardy has a wealth of racing experience that has prepared him to serve on the Competition Committee, and also as a leader in MMRA.  He has promoted racetracks, managed race teams, worked with Baby Grands, and also served as a tech inspector for 600 Racing.  He knows Baby Grand racecars inside and out, and is a key person to help lead our sport forward.

5.  Pete Neimeier/Virginia - President of MMRA.  Pete was part of the new management team brought on board in early 2002.  Starting as a racer in 1998, Pete won two minicup track championships behind the wheel, and as president of MMRA he wants to help others realize their dream of racing success in MMRA.

As we move forward, many decisions of MMRA will actually be the result of voting by the competition committee.  With decades of racing experience, this team is ready and able to confidently lead MMRA forward and help us all realize the potential of this sport.