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December 2009 - MMRA Newsletter

Hello Racers!

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season with family and friends.  Although the 2010 racing season may seem far off, MMRA is working now on 2010 plans and schedules.  Many things will stay the same, but there will also be some changes to improve our program.  Here are some things to look for next season.

1.  Car Specs - Whenever the technical specifications are changed, it costs racers money.  MMRA has refined our rules package for over a decade, and it is the best available.  While we do sometimes have to accept manufacturer changes such as the new pistons for Honda minicup engines, we try to minimize changes to the cars whenever possible.  In short, if your car was legal in 2009, it will be legal in 2010. 

2.  Points System - Car counts are down due to the economy.  As such, our car count factor will be adjusted in 2010.  Next year, full points will be awarded for races with 5 or more cars - down from 10 this year.  As such, if you race in a group with only 5 MMRA racers, you still have a legitimate shot at winning the championship.  Also, the bonus point for a large car count will be similarly lowered from 20 cars to 15 cars.  Finally, the number of races that count will drop from 12 to 10 - making it easier to get some "drop dates" in your score. 

3.  Junior PRO - We intended for our Junior PRO Division to be a totally separate division where new racers could get used to the Baby Grand car in a low pressure environment.  The numbers never were large enough to hold separate races however, so they were combined with PRO Division events.  Starting in 2010, Junior PRO will not be a separate division any longer, but rather a special designation just like the Masters Cup.  Junior PRO racers will join and compete in the PRO Division, but will have a "Jr" next to their name in the PRO Division points standings.  At the end of the season, the highest placed Junior driver will receive a special Junior PRO award.

4.  Memberships - In 2010, all members will join in either Future Stars, or PRO Divisions.  If we receive enough interest, we will also bring back the Open Division for minicups.  The Super License will go away because with only 2 divisions, there is no reason to have it.

5.  Membership Packages - The cost to print and mail hard cards, rulebooks, and decals continues to increase.  In order to keep membership fees from increasing, these items will not be sent in a membership kit.  All members will see their names posted on the MMRA website, and will receive a welcome letter confirmation. 

6.  Grand National Races - In 2010, we plan to host both East and West Grand National races.  With the changes to the points system, there should be several racers in contention, and we want them to have the chance to race for the ring.  Schedules are being worked on now with details to be announced soon.

7.  Championship Weekends - They will be back in 2010.

8.  Special Events - The famous Las Vegas Bullring event returns in 2010 on April 10 & 11.  This is a great opportunity to have fun, and it will likely qualify for the bonus point for a field of 15 or more cars.  If you are serious about the championship, make plans to be in Vegas!

9.  Outlook - Everyone knows times are tough but it really looks like 2010 will be stronger than 2009.  It seems the worst has passed and business is starting to pick up.  If you are a real racer, 2010 could be the year you finally earn your own custom made MMRA championship ring.  The car count factor shouldn't hold you back if you are in a smaller area, there will be plenty of opportunity to race, and a Grand National event where you can prove you are the best.  Make the decision now and make it happen in 2010.

10.  I have other questions - No problem, just send an e-mail to