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Rules Update - Minicup Heads and Open Eligibility

Recently Honda has changed the manufacturing process of the heads used on our GX390 engines.  They are grinding inside the ports for the first time.  This is one of several changes that are being made so the engines can comply with more demanding EPA rules.  Unfortunately, it also means we will have no choice but to allow some rudimentary porting work in our series.  Rather than open the rulebook to allow unlimited porting and polishing, we have opted to require the heads to remain as delivered from the factory, with no additional work done.  See below a photo of the port grinding, and casting number on a new head.

It is fair to argue that the basic grinding from the factory can offer a slight advantage over an old style head, but that is what we have to deal with thanks to our fine EPA in Washington.  On a Future Stars car, no amount of porting and polishing will make any difference because the carburetor is so small.  Open division racers will have to decide if they want to spend the money to upgrade to the new head or not.  As of 8/6/10, new engines with MMRA seals will be delivered with the new heads, and old engines can have the new head installed and be sealed with MMRA seals.  Of course unsealed engines can also utilize the new heads.

Speaking of the Open Division - there has been one additional change to the minicup rulebook.  This year, our only Open Division is a new program starting in Georgia.  In order to help the program get started, some of our Future Stars have purchased more cars to run in both divisions.  It has come to our attention that rule 2.8, point number 4 could be a problem.  When point number 4 was added, the intent was to keep advanced racers from the Open Division from moving down to Future Stars and taking the wins from young racers starting out.  What we have in Georgia is young Future Stars trying to help the Open Division get started.  As such, point number 4 has been deleted from the rulebook, allowing the racers to run in both Divisions and earn points all year.  We hope their efforts are successful, and our Open Division grows next year in Georgia and beyond.

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