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New Tech Cart in 2008

Mardy and Neil Dunn were a great addition to the MMRA team in 2007.  Their contribution to our program was so important that they earned the highest honor in MMRA - the David Daniels Award of Excellence.  They weren't able to attend the banquet to receive their award however because they were back home in North Carolina hard at work on the tech cart shown below.  After 400 hours, MMRA now has a professional outfit for our Touring and Grand National races that will improve the speed and efficiency of our staff at these events.  By the time most racers see the tech cart at Speedweeks it should also be decorated with MMRA decals and logos for an even more attention getting look.  THANK YOU Neil and Mardy for this great tech cart!  Here is a quick photo tour.

Here is the side view of the cart.  All doors lock so the cart can be secure overnights at multi-day events.  The whole cart is powdercoated for great looks and weather resistance.
Both sides of the cart open up, with one side designed for minicups and the other for Baby Grands.  The scale readouts are built in and there is a nice platform for the tech officials to write down readouts.  There is also flourescent lighting for night races
Also built right into the tech cart is the radio charging dock.  There is also space for the boroscope engine inspection tool, and other tech tools.
On one end of the tech cart is a full toolbox with all the tools required.  Also notice the electrical cord reel and paper towel rack for Vic.
Here is a view of the other end of the tech cart.  It houses the generator which powers the tech area, portable lights - and for Baby Grands there is an air compressor and retractable air hose for blowing off heads in the tech area.
Under the tech cart is space to hold the scale ramps.  The new ramps connect together to make a single unit so the scale pads are always positioned correctly.
The attention to detail is clear throughout the cart.  Notice the logo wheel plates.