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2008 Rules Info

This year there were very few changes to the MMRA rulebooks.  Every racer should be sure to thoroughly READ their rulebook, but here are some key changes we would like to draw attention to.

1.  All Junior PRO Division cars are required to use a pre-programmed ignition box and quick release bracket from Baby Grands which will be switched between competitors regularly.

2.  Every car is now required to display both their car number and division on the upper passenger side corner of their windshield to assist with lineups, and separating cars during practice, etc.  These decals will be provided in the membership kit you will receive from MMRA.

3.  A new "mis-adjustment" infraction section has been added to the penalties/fines area of the rulebook.  This provides for a reasonable penalty for when a team makes a slight error in their preparation for the event.

4.  Helmet specifications have been upgraded from SA95 to SA2000 for safety.

5.  Baby Grand ride height of 2 1/2 inches now applies to EVERYTHING between the wheels.  In the past, the body, bolts, etc could be lower.  Now there is 0 tolerance - keep everything 2 1/2 inches or higher off the ground between the wheels.

6.  The minicup wheelbase rule now has the same maximum and minimum as last year, but no rule about the relation of one side to the other.

7.  In addition to the decals referenced in point #1 above, all cars are required to display their car number on the passenger side rear of the car as well.

8.  Baby Grand racers are permitted to remove some stock fiberglass in the lower front of the driver side window and replace it with lexan for better visibility.

9.  The new closed loop engine breather system from Baby Grands is allowed to be used without a line running to the rear of the car.

10.  There has also been a clarification posted on the rulebook download page regarding Baby Grand bodies.

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