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Spec Fuel - East Grand National Race

All divisions in MMRA are required to use common "pump" fuel sold at regular gas stations for passenger cars.  This rule is designed to help save racers money, and also reduce the potential for cheating with high compression engines, or dangerous fuel additives.  This has been our policy for years and is outlined in our rulebooks which are sent to every member and available for free download on this website.

  This is addressed in the MMRA rulebook with the following rules:

                Unleaded gasoline available at a corner service station only.  No racing fuel, aviation fuel or additives of any type are allowed.  MMRA reserves the right to use a pump around system.  Any competitor who does not allow fuel to be pumped will be disqualified.  Fuel may be tested by MMRA officials using a Digatron fuel testing meter.

                MMRA recommends that racers purchase fuel for each event at a local service station near that event to minimize the chance of having fuel that does not match samples taken by MMRA for reference.

At the East Grand National race, MMRA has designated a specific fuel source as described in our rulebook and all fuel will be checked versus this fuel.  Cars running with fuel that does not match the spec fuel will be considered illegal.

Fuel FAQ

1.  Why is this being done?  Fuel is an important part of racing and something that needs to be kept equal for all competitors.  There are two ways to ensure everyone is on an equal playing field with fuel - pump around or spec fuel.  The pump around system requires the pumping system, produces an unknown "mix", and requires all competitors to constantly come through the pump-around to get fuel throughout the weekend.  The spec fuel system only requires everyone to get their fuel supply once at a close-by station.  It is simpler than the pump-around yet still effective at ensuring a level playing field.

2.  What is the spec fuel?  Shenandoah Exxon
                                            601 4th Street
                                            Shenandoah, VA 22849
                                            Regular or Premium grade

3.  How do I get there?   For travelers who come from Interstate 81 and Harrisonburg, VA - you will pass right by Shenandoah Exxon as you travel north on route 340 toward the track.  If you are already at the track, turn right as you leave, go into town and the Exxon will be in the center of town on the left hand side.  The station is only about 2 miles from the track.

4.  Why was this station chosen?  It is the closest major brand station that sells pure gas.  Other stations in town have an ethanol mix or are not as convenient to reach.

5.  When is the station open?  You can buy fuel until 11pm on Friday night and they open at 6am on Saturday morning.  There is also a McDonalds next door.

6.  How will fuel be tested?  MMRA will purchase samples of both regular and premium grade fuel and will use our Digatron fuel meter to compare the readings from our sample, to the fuel in racecars.

7.  What about the fuel in my fuel cell now?  Our rules require standard pump gas.  We recommend you pump out all fuel in your cell now and run it in your passenger car.  Then, fill your fuel cell and extra cans with the spec fuel at Shenandoah Exxon.

8.  I have other questions. - Send an e-mail to