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Future Stars & Junior PRO Divisions Split East/West in 2008

Continued growth and success in MMRA has given us the opportunity to split our Future Stars and Junior PRO Divisions into east and west groups in 2008.  This makes it easier for racers out west to compete for the championship without a long tow all the way back to Virginia for the East Grand National Race.  Here is a quick F.A.Q. section to explain more.

1.  Why make this change?  MMRA is always looking for ways to build our sport, and this change will do that by making it easier for racers to compete for a championship.  Now Future Stars and Junior PRO Division racers out west will compete at our West Grand National race in Montana saving them time and money.

2.  What has changed to make this possible?  We have more members in these divisions out west.  There is a large group of Future Stars in California that will be coming on board, and a new group starting in western Canada as well.  These will join our existing group in Colorado, and possibly some Washington state racers in Montana for our West Grand National race.  On the Junior PRO Division side, we have racers in Colorado, California, Canada, and possibly Washington state as well.

3.  Will the Western Champions get championship rings?  Yes - MMRA will award a total of 7 solid gold championship rings in 2008 in the following divisions - east and west Future Stars, Open Division, east and west Junior PRO, east and west PRO.

4.  How will the points work?  When a member joins, their location determines whether they are in the east or west group.  As they race, they earn points toward their groups championship.  The points are tracked on the points page of this website all year.  There has not been any change made to how points are awarded in 2008.  Click here for more info about points.

5.  What if an east racer competes out west, or vice-versa?  In local races or Touring events, every racer earns points toward their championship regardless of where the race takes place.  For example, a western racer competing at the Speedweeks event in Florida will earn points toward the western championship.  As another example, eastern racers from Oklahoma can head west to race and will earn points toward the eastern championship.

6.  What about the car-count factor?  Nothing has changed from last year.  It will be important for areas to work together to build car counts to 10 or more by building their local group, or teaming up with other groups to get more cars in their races.  All members in events count toward the car count factor regardless of whether they are earning points in the east or west groups.

7.  What about Rookie of the Year?  We will have Rookie of the Year awards in both east and west divisions of Future Stars, Junior PRO, and PRO.  For the Future Stars, this means a beautiful custom designed leather jacket sponsored by DBV Properties.  It was won last year by Austin Farley in Colorado, and he will tell you it is an awesome jacket.  Now two drivers will win it in the Future Stars division - maybe one of them can be you!

8.  When are the Grand National Races?  The East race is August 30 in Virginia and the West race is September 13 in Montana.  Click here for the minicup schedule and click here for the Baby Grand schedule.