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2007 Speedweeks Special

2007 started with a whole new approach to Speedweeks, as MMRA rented the entire Bronson Motor Speedway in Florida just for our racers.  Our goal was to provide LOTS of track time, early ends to the raceday, an organized program, and opportunities to socialize.  Mission accomplished.

Anyone who didn't get more than 500 laps at the track wasn't trying, as there were hours of practice, qualifying, qualifying races, and feature races each day.  It was great to see new drivers improve right before our eyes, and old timers even had a chance to experiment with fine-tuning their racecar setups.  Every day finished before dark at 6:30 and everyone had a chance to hang out, go get dinner, and get a good night's rest before the next day.

Thanks to our new National Director Mardy Dunn and his father Neil, the program was organized and pretty much on schedule each day.  After the first day, everyone got into a rhythm and knew what to expect.  Mardy is serious about going by the rulebook and we had several cars DQ'ed for ride height and wheelbase infractions the first day - but by Saturday, everyone went through with no problems. 

Bronson Motor Speedway was a great facility for this event and the staff went above and beyond to provide everything we needed for a great event.  On Friday night, they hosted a great cookout which even included awesome cheesecake for dessert.  Vic and Pete went through the line last so they could take two pieces!

The contract is already signed for us to return to Bronson Motor Speedweek for Speedweeks 2008.  It will  be the same schedule as this year so you can start planning your vacation now.  Thanks to all the racers that came out, and we look forward to seeing you again at the 2007 Touring and Grand National races.

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