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Coming in 2006!

MMRA has been an international organization for two years now thanks to our friends in Canada.  In 2006, we will go one step further by extending "across the pond" with a new PRO European Division.  While it would be great to take credit for this, we can't. 

As it turns out, Alan Currall of Currall Motorsports has been building a group of Baby Grand racers in the United Kingdom for a few years, and there are now 10 racers regularly competing and enjoying the sport.  All the cars were purchased from buyers here in the states, and shipped over to England where they race on road courses and large and small oval tracks. 

MMRA wants to encourage these hardy racers and support their efforts, so starting in 2006, they will be a new PRO European Division of MMRA.  They will receive all the benefits of MMRA membership just like our North American racers, and their top competitor will be crowned the PRO European Division champion and receive the prestigious MMRA solid  gold ring. 

The rules will be very similar to those we have here in the states, and there are already efforts underway to create opportunities for racers to travel across the pond to compete.  If you are a PRO Division racer planning to visit England any time in 2006, check out the schedule over there and maybe you'll need to pack your helmet too!

Congratulations to PRO Division racer Gregg Chesney who correctly identified the significance of the theme song for the new PRO European Division.  Gregg will be sporting his new MMRA hat and sweatshirt around North Carolina this fall.

Look for more info on this exciting development in the future.

Click here to visit the Currall Motorsports website - home of the MMRA PRO European Division in 2006.

Click here to play the theme song for the group - one of the band members races with the Baby Grands!

Click here for a neat photo of the PRO European Division running at the 1 1/2 mile Rockingham Superspeedway.

Click here to read the press release about the new MMRA PRO European Division.