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The final MMRA Touring Series race of 2005 was a textbook example of good ol' Saturday night short track racing.  It was hot, the track was rough and dusty, and the stands were packed with fans who were screaming all night long.  This track has character and you can sense the decades of short track battles that have kept this place buzzing since 1947.  Maybe that's why the emotion displayed by our race winners here was greater than ever before in the history of the MMRA Touring Series.  Beating this track is like beating Darlington and there were tears of joy and bear hugs all around in victory lane.

In the Future Stars Division, patience was the key as this track claimed cars throughout the field.  While much of the event was dominated by Jacob France, with two laps to go Taylor Webb took the lead.  The grandstand was thundering as the fans were jumping with joy to see their local third generation driver take the checkered flag. Taylor literally gave it all he had as he was unable to compete as planned in the Open Division race due to sheer exhaustion.

It was absolutely amazing to see how fast the Open Division cars were running on this rough, flat track.  With cars sliding, bouncing, and dancing all over the place this race was not for the faint of heart.  Again, attrition claimed several cars and again it was a local driver - Gary Whitson who took the checkers.  The win vaulted Gary into a tie with Joseph Meyer for the points lead heading into the East Grand National race.

MMRA is a driver development program.  As such it is heartening to see our drivers learn and develop before our eyes.  Such was the case in the PRO Division this night.  Feature winner Tyler Brown showed remarkable poise, discipline, and mental focus despite being offered many opportunities to lose his cool.  His newly found mental toughness moved him up into second in points going into the East Grand National race.

Thanks to all the MMRA staff for a job well done.  Lee Griffith provided calm, hardworking leadership.  Vic Johnson kept things moving in tech, and Cindy Wilson did a tremendous job handling sign-in duties.  This major event with 42 cars was smoothly handled by a staff of only 4 - a fraction of what other touring series have. 

With the Touring Series in the recordbooks, all attention turns to the biggest races of the year - the Grand National events where solid gold MMRA Championship rings are earned.  These events will put more pressure than ever on our drivers and the ones who master patience, discipline, and focus will triumph.  Can you handle racing at this level?  Come see on August 26-27. 

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Photos from the Drome'

Click here - Tech Director Vic Johnson discovers some pigs can fly.
Click here - The Drome' provided first class first place trophies for our racers. 
Click here - Tyler Brown working hard to prepare for the big race.

Click here - Checking springs in the MMRA trailer with 7 time ARCA champion Frank Kimmel looking on
Click here - Look at those grandstands - and this was just one side of the track!
Click here - The Drome' scoring computer at work.

Click here - Now that's what I'm talkin about!  ;-) Hey Taylor
Click here - Gary Whitson picking up the checkered flag for a traditional Saturday night victory lap
Click here - Taylor Webb in post race tech with Local Leader Jim Robinson looking on