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2005 MMRA Grand National Race - East
Friendship Motor Speedway, Elkin, NC - August 26-27

The Eastern Grand National race was our first time ever renting an entire facility for one of our events, and it turned out to be a great experience.  It was awesome to have our minicup and Baby Grand racers experience what it is like to be a big time race car driver with driver introductions, autograph sessions, and full victory lane interviews.

The Future Stars race was the first event of the evening and Donald McIntosh led the field to the green flag after a four car invert.  There was lots of close racing, particularly in the top 5 positions.  Between driver introductions, the national anthem, and a long race, our kids may have started to get tired as we saw more cautions toward the end of the feature.  With only two laps to go, a scary looking crash in turn 4 involving Chelsie Roe brought the field to their fourth caution of the night.  During the caution period rain started falling, slickening the track and ending the event at 48 laps with Jacob France in the lead.  Jacob was able to enjoy the double pleasure of winning both the Grand National race and the overall Future Stars championship.

Fortunately the rain shower was brief and the hot track quickly dried, allowing the Open Division to get on the track.  Indiana racer Don Gettelfinger lead the field to the green for what turned out to be a caution free race.  The racing was fierce for positions 2 through 6 for much of the race, as Joseph Meyer assumed the lead on lap 10 and pulled away from the group vying for second.  Our Open Division racers put on a driving clinic as they showed how to race hard and clean with the running order changing often.  In the end, Joseph Meyer won his third Grand National race in a row, but this time his performance before the event also earned him his first overall Open Division championship. 

In the PRO Division, Chris Wilson started the weekend by setting fast time and increasing his points lead over Tyler Brown to three points.  That lead would evaporate over the course of a race just as intense as the NASCAR finale at Homestead.  Due to the invert, Tyler started on the pole but slowly fell to fourth in the first half of the race.  Chris on the other hand was working his way up to second by lap 8.  It appeared Chris had the title well in hand, but 50 laps is a long race, and in the second half, Tyler started moving forward while Chris fell back.  At lap 50, Tyler was second and Chris 5th - leaving them with an even score of 201 points.  The tiebreaker is the Grand National finish - handing the title to an ecstatic Tyler Brown.  In the PRO Division there were two ecstatic guys - Tyler for winning the championship,  and Danny Trent for winning his first ever MMRA race.  He sure picked a good one, and served notice that he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2006.

We are looking forward to getting photos from the photographers soon, so be sure to check back for photos and more updates on the event soon.

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