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As many racers know, MMRA has been looking to develop a new PRO Division for some time.  We wanted to provide a "next step" from our Open Division, particularly for our talented kids.  With only minicups in our stable, we were losing our best and brightest too quickly to other divisions.

After testing various versions of a "modified" minicup car, we decided the minicup chassis would simply not be safe at the speeds we were seeing.  Although all racing has an element of danger, we didn't want to change the excellent safety record of MMRA racing with a dangerous car.

With our modified minicup project off the table, we decided to look at what other cars were already out there that we would be able to possibly partner with.  In the end, we decided the best option was the Baby Grand racecar.  These cars are built better than any we have seen, they have an excellent safety record, and they run the same screaming Yamaha motor that has been so successful in Legends racing.  Unlike legends however, they have a full rollcage and a quick change rear end just like a Late Model car.  They have been proven both on ovals and road courses and everyone we spoke with that races them, loves the car.

In the great tradition of MMRA then, here is an FAQ section:

1.  Will MMRA still have minicups?

Of course - our commitment to minicups has not changed.  Although we were mainly interested in the "move-up" concept, we believe having the new PRO Division will actually help minicups as well.  Potential new racers will see we have a complete package now and will be more likely to come on board, possibly starting in minicups.

2.  Where will the PRO Division race?

Baby Grands have been racing across the country for years and that will not change.  Some areas, like Indiana and Northern California have Baby Grands in the same areas as our minicup programs.  In these areas, MMRA hopes the schedules of minicups and Baby Grands can be "packaged" as much as possible.  In other areas, we may only have minicups or only have Baby Grands.  The actual Baby Grand "regions" are under development now and MMRA hopes to have them firmed up within the next few months.

3.  Can I race Open and PRO Divisions?

Yes - unlike the past when a racer could only race Future Stars OR Open Division, MMRA will allow membership in both the Open and PRO Divisions.  If you want to do this, you will have to "join" MMRA twice using both an Open Division and a PRO Division membership form.

4.  What ages are allowed in the new PRO Division?

MMRA will allow all adults, and kids from age 14 on up.  In the case of kids - they must have a minimum of 4 years documented racing experience at a level acceptable to MMRA to compete.  For example, 4 years in quarter midgets will not qualify -  Legends experience would. 

5.  How much do Baby Grand cars cost?

Brand new Baby Grand cars cost approximately $16,000 but there are many used ones available for as little as $7500.

6.  Where can I buy one?

Visit which features car specifications as well as a classified area for available used cars.

7.  How will the points for the PRO Division work?

The new PRO Division will use the same 2004 points structure as our minicup divisions.

8.  What is the PRO Division schedule?

MMRA will include the new PRO Division at all our Touring and Grand National races.  In addition, there is a special Speedweeks kickoff race for the PRO Division at Orlando Speedworld Feb 12-14, 2004.  For more information about this race, visit the "Touring Series" racing link on the left side of this page.  Local PRO Division schedules will be worked out by regional directors for the PRO Division and posted on this website just like the minicup schedules.

9.  Will PRO Division champions be crowned?

Yes - now MMRA will crown a total of 6 champions.  East and West Future Stars, Open, and PRO Divisions.

10.  Who is "in charge" of the PRO Division?

The same MMRA staff will operate both our traditional minicup divisions and the new PRO Division.  At Touring and Grand National events, we will have different tech inspectors for the two groups of cars because they are totally different but the management, policies, and procedures will be the same.

11.  When will the PRO Division rulebook be posted?

That is in development right now.  The technical specs for the Baby Grand cars will not change from their 2003 program but the new MMRA Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures from minicups will be applied to the PRO Division as well.  We will get the complete PRO Division rulebook posted as soon as possible.