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Starting with the 2004 MMRA racing season, there will be many new contingency decals on our cars.  These companies have made a commitment to help MMRA racing grow and we appreciate their support.  When you are choosing the products for your racecar, team, or shop, consider these companies first.

NGK Spark plugs come as standard equipment in the Honda and Yamaha engines used in MMRA racing.  They provide reliable, consistent performance which helps you dial in your car faster.  Now, many racers are also discovering the new Iridium line of plugs which are the most technologically advanced plugs available on the market.  When you are ready for new plugs, or you want to win - choose NGK.

ESAB has joined our sport as the Official Welder of MMRA.  ESAB is well known in heavy industry for their heavy duty welders, but they also make excellent products for small shops. 

Afco Shocks has joined as our Official Shocks and Springs.  Of course, Afco is already standard issue on most new minicup and baby grand cars and this partnership shows Afco's commitment to our sport. 

Fuel Safe has agreed to become the Official Fuel Cell of MMRA.  Their top quality fuel cells provide maximum protection from fire and will be shown at all 2004 Touring and Grand National races. 

East Tennessee Trailers, LLC. has joined as the official trailer of MMRA.  Look for their beautiful new trailers at our Touring and Grand National events. 

Digatron Instruments has come on board as the official Data Acquisition Devices of MMRA.  Many of you have already been using their equipment and now you will be able to see a full line of Digatron products at the 2004 Touring and Grand National events. 

Racing Electronics has come on board as the Official Communications of MMRA.  They will be providing first class radio communication systems at all our Touring and Grand National events.  This will help make sure that our events run smoother, and that MMRA officials can communicate easily.

Ultra Shield race products also provides the Official Seats of MMRA.  Many of us already use their great aluminum racing seats but did you know they also produce a full line of safety products?  You can get Ultrashield belts, driving suits, gloves, and more. 


NGK Spark Plugs are the standard in MMRA racing.  Every new minicup or Baby Grand engine comes with NGK plugs, and they provide maximum performance.  Check out their website by clicking on the logo to the right to learn more about all NGK plugs, including the new Iridium plugs for an extra boost to the finish line.

Since 1903, ESAB has grown to become the worlds largest producer of consumables and welding equipment.  Click on their racing logo to visit their North American business website.

Welcome Afco Shocks to the MMRA family.  If your Minicup or Baby Grand racecar needs new shocks or springs, Afco has what you need.  Click on their logo to visit their website.

Most all of the old MMI manufactured minicup cars have "fuel cells" with no tip-over valve and a widemouth lid that would allow far too much fuel to leak if the top came off.  Fuel Safe has developed a much improved fuel cell for minicups that you will be able to see at all 2004 Touring and Grand National events.  The new cell will fit right into your old chassis and will offer much greater protection from fire at a reasonable cost.  Click on their logo to learn more about Fuel Safe.

Many of our racers are located in the target market for East Tennessee Trailers, LLC.  This is good news for anyone looking for a great value on a new racecar trailer.  Click on the logo to the right to visit their corporate website and learn more about their great selection of new trailers.

East Tennessee Trailers, LLC.

Need a high quality tach - or maybe even a lap timer?  Digatron has everything from simple tach's to advanced data acquisition devices.  Check out their line by clicking on the logo.
Need to communicate with your driver or would you like a top quality scanner to listen in at Nextel Cup races?  Look no further than Racing Electronics.  They are a leading name in race communications.  Click on their logo to visit their website.

Is your Future Star ready for a bigger seat?  Are your belts ready to go out of date?  For these and other safety needs, check out Ultra Shield Race Products.  Click on the logo to visit their website.