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MMRA is proud to announce the beginning of a partnership between MMRA and Extreme Engine Systems.  EES is owned by Tim O'Brien, formerly of Mountain Machine Service.  We have worked with Tim for years and we believe he is the most capable, experienced minicup engine builder in the country.  Now that he has his own business, he is more committed to the success of our sport than ever before.

This partnership offers MMRA racers several benefits.  First, EES will honor all MMRA distributed gift certificates for any other engine builders.  As such, if you have any gift certificates that you thought you wouldn't be able to use, they can be redeemed at EES.

Second, EES will re-establish the gift certificate program at all MMRA Touring and Grand National races.  As such, if you race a minicup and finish in the top 20, you will earn gift certificates that can help offset any parts or service work you need for your engine.

Third, Tim will continue to be at all east coast MMRA Touring and Grand National events so you can save shipping costs by sending your motor back with him for freshening, repair, etc.  Several racers at our Star Speedway Touring race have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

Just as in the past, MMRA racers are welcome to use any engine builder they would like.  With that said, MMRA is excited to be able to partner with EES for several reasons.  Our philosophy for minicup racing is that it should be low cost, spec racing.  Although Tim has built more winning engines over the last few years than anyone else, we believe the consistency of his product is the greatest asset to MMRA.  If most racers run engines from the same engine builder, the focus stays where it should be - on setup and driver skill - not on who has the "latest, fastest" engine builder.

EES will also be hands-on and present at virtually all major MMRA events.  As such, you will meet and know your engine builder personally.  This is a great opportunity to establish a more personal relationship and also pick up good advice and information during informal "chat sessions" at the track.

For more information about EES, including an online catalog showing MMRA approved EES engine packages, visit the new EES website.

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