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MMRA is excited to welcome the worlds largest race tire manufacturer to the sport of minicup racing.  Hoosier Racing Tire has produced winning tires for everything from the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series to Winston Cup.   Their engineers have used the latest computerized design and manufacturing to produce the best minicup tire possible at a competitive price.  MMRA worked closely with Hoosier to develop the new tire and has successfully tested the final product.  The new Hoosier minicup racing tire is a higher quality product than anything previously available, and the price is right.  We welcome Hoosier tire to our sport, and look forward to a long, successful partnership.

Pictured above is the new Hoosier minicup
racing tire.  Welcome Hoosier!

Pictured above is one of the Hoosier manufacturing plants.  This is a serious company with a serious commitment to motorsports, and now minicup racing.  They have a fascinating history which you can read about on their website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

New added 2/1/04 -   Which direction do I mount my Hoosier tires?  Mount the tires with the double white "Hoosier" name to the outside of the car on both sides.

1.  So are the new Hoosier tires legal to run in MMRA?  The MMRA Competition Committee has voted to approve the new Hoosier minicup tires for all MMRA minicup races starting with the 2004 racing season.

2.  What about our old tires?  The old tires are still legal to run and will be legal throughout the 2004 racing season at all MMRA events.  Starting in 2005, the only tire legal for MMRA Touring or Grand National races will be the new Hoosier tire.

3.  So in 2004, there will be two different legal tires?  Yes - the new Hoosier minicup tire and the old style.

4.  What does the new Hoosier tire cost?  The retail price to the racer is $60 per tire.

5.  Are they all one type?  Yes and no.  MMRA asked for help with our stagger needs and Hoosier has responded by producing 2 different tires.  The only difference between them is that one is slightly larger than the other.  As such, you will be able to buy a "regular" or "short" tire.  This will eliminate most of the guesswork in buying tires and the process of "putting a hot tire in the sun" to make it grow larger.  With the new Hoosier tire, if you need a larger tire, simply order a "regular" tire.  The compound for both sizes will be the same and will be stamped right into the tire.

6.  What are the catalog numbers for the new tire?  The regular size tire will be 41150MC780 and the "short" version will be 41149MC780.

7.  Can I mix and match tires?  No - all cars must have EITHER 4 old tires, or 4 new Hoosier tires.  You can't put one new Hoosier tire with 3 old style tires for example.

8.  How can I buy the new Hoosier tires?  New Hoosier tires will be available at all MMRA Touring and Grand National races in 2004.  Also, we anticipate that minicup manufacturers and dealers will also offer the new Hoosier tires.  Finally, all regular Hoosier tire distributors will also be able to sell the new Hoosier minicup tire.  Racers can buy the new Hoosier tires from anywhere they like and wherever they can get the best price.

9.  Are they faster?  MMRA worked with Hoosier to develop a "better" tire.  It has better quality construction and should hold air both when new, and after riding around the pit area.  It may possibly be slightly faster on the racetrack but we worked to develop a tire that won't immediately obsolete all the old tires out there.

10.  How are they different?  MMRA testing has shown that the new tire is more balanced, producing a smoother ride.  It also works best after a heat cycle - i.e. one race or practice. 

11.  How long will they last?  The new Hoosier tires are made to be durable.  One of the greatest advantages of minicup racing is that you don't have to buy lots of new tires to be competitive.  That will remain the same with the new Hoosier tire.

12.  What is Hoosier doing to support the sport?  The biggest thing Hoosier has already done is to spend the time and money to develop a better tire than we used to have.  They have also added to the credibility of minicup racing by joining the sport.  This is the largest racing tire manufacturer in the world and they are taking notice of minicups.  Their support will be seen in many ways in 2004 including signage at events and Hoosier tire apparel for MMRA racers and race winners.  Check out the examples below. 

The Hoosier neckband will be a familiar sight in victory lane next year. If you're an MMRA member in 2004, you'll probably have a Hoosier hat. If you win an MMRA Touring or Grand National race in 2004, you'll receive a Hoosier jacket.

13.  Is there an introductory special?  Yes, Hoosier tires will be available at all 2004 Touring and Grand National races.  For the first 50 sets of tires sold, the price will be only $200 per set of 4.  Once 50 sets are sold, the price will be $60 per tire.  One set only per car please.

14.  Are these new Hoosier tires MMRA stamped?  No, although MMRA worked with Hoosier to develop the tire, Hoosier is making this tire for more than just MMRA minicups.  They see a large market for this type of tire and will be working with other groups to introduce their new product.

15.  Where can I learn more about Hoosier tires?  Visit

16.  I have another question - No problem, please send e-mail to

Pictured below is Hoosier Tire Product Manager Irish Saunders and test driver Lindsay Daniels during evaluation of the new Hoosier minicup racing tire at the Hoosier testing facility.