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Miniature Motorsports Racing Association
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January 5, 2004

To: MMRA Minicup Racers

From: MMRA Competition Committee

 RE: Rules Clarification

Recently, it came to our attention that some folks had noticed that our rule requiring front brakes in 2004 did not specifically state that they must be operational.  Their thinking was that front brakes might slow the car slightly, so perhaps they should simply place non-operational parts on their car to “pass tech”.  Presumably, this would allow them to go even faster, but not stop.

The front brake rule was made for safety purposes and there is no gray area there.  Although the rule may not technically require the brakes to be operational, common sense dictates that they must be.  This common sense approach extends to other areas of the rulebook.  For example, rule 13.4 states “All drivers must wear a racing type helmet with a Snell rating of 95 or newer.”  This rule does not specifically state the helmet must be worn on the head.  Conceivably, one could argue wearing the helmet on the foot would place the weight lower in the car and provide an advantage.  We believe choosing to put inoperable brakes on a car is just as ridiculous as wearing a helmet on your foot.

Racing without working front brakes places everyone else on the track at risk and will be dealt with harshly. 

There is no shortcut to success in MMRA racing.  The way to win is to master chassis setups, work hard, practice, and never give up.  This is much more difficult than finding a shortcut, but will be more successful and satisfying when you achieve your goals.

Thank you for your support of MMRA and we look forward to working with all of you this year.  If you do have any questions about rules, etc. please don’t hope your idea is missed by tech inspectors – send an e-mail to MMRA and we’ll answer your questions.  Tech inspections shouldn’t be a worry or something to be overcome. You should look forward to them because they will validate your wins.  The other racers will know you beat them fair and square, and that they have to work harder to beat you next time.

Best wishes,

MMRA Competition Committee