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Front Brakes on MMRA Minicup Cars

We asked and you responded.  The overwhelming response from racers, regional directors, and promoters alike is that front brakes are the way to go.  At the same time, few cars have them now and they have never been available as a simple package so it would put undue hardship on racers to just require them immediately.

As such, MMRA will do the following:

1.  Front brakes will be strongly recommended in the 2003 MMRA rulebook - not mandatory.
2.  All new minicup cars sold will be required to have front brakes standard.  Ultimate Motorsports, Minicup Motorsports, and NC Chassis are all in agreement with this.
3.  Starting with the 2004 season, all MMRA minicup racecars will be required to have front brakes in all events nationwide.
4.  MMRA will coordinate with the manufacturers to ensure that simple, reasonably priced retrofit kits are available to everyone for both old MMI cars and Avenger minicup cars.
5.  News about and descriptions of these kits will be posted here as soon as possible on a special page of the MMRA website to ensure racers that want to upgrade can do it simply and easily.

MMRA would like to encourage our racers to keep this new policy in mind during the year.  If you have an old car with no brakes and you crash, don't buy more parts that won't be compatible with front brakes.  If you need spindles, buy ones that have mounting tabs for front brakes.  If you need hubs, buy ones with mounting holes for the disc brake rotors.  If you need wheels, buy the new Douglas wheels with the smooth inside that provides room for the rotor and caliper you'll be installing later.

In an effort to minimize expense and trouble, MMRA will also not require both front suspension formats to match.  For example, if you have an old 6 bolt system and you crash the right front, you can just buy new 4 bolt, front brake ready, parts for the right side and leave the left side with the old 6 bolt system.

Although some racers did vote to keep things the same, that option is not going to work long term.  Several racetracks are already requiring front brakes and with insurance regulations tightening all the time, it was only a matter of time before this change would have to be made.  Rather than let these forces dictate the timing and nature of the change, MMRA has decided to set a reasonable time period for an orderly, structured conversion to the new rules.

We believe this move will make minicup racing safer, and less expensive than ever.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the track in 2003!

MMRA Competition Committee