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Front Brakes on MMRA Minicup Cars

For many years now, only a few minicup cars have had front brakes.  This was a way to save money and in most cases, minicups run wide open all race long anyway.  As any racer who has headed for the wall or another car can tell you however, "Front brakes sure would be nice in certain situations".  MMRA would like to hear feedback from all our members regarding the question of front brakes.  Here's the pro's and con's.

1.  Safety.  There WILL be times when you want to stop quickly.  Front brakes are much more effective than rear alone at stopping.    1.  Cost.  Cars that don't have front brakes now would have to buy them.  They would need rotors, calipers, pads, and possibly even spindles and/or hubs.
2.  Less "Secondary" crashes.  We've all seen examples where one car crashes and several cars behind spin out.  They're spinning because they hit their rear brake in a corner.  This problem would be greatly reduced with front brakes.   2.  Drag.  Opinions vary as to how much drag front brakes may or may not add to a car.  At the very least, they add unsprung weight and some complexity.  There are more "things to go wrong" and parts to replace if you have a suspension damaging crash.
3.  Legitimacy.  How many real racecars don't have front brakes?  As minicups seek greater respect in the racing world, we need to parallel racecars - not go-karts.   3.  Change.  No one likes change, especially in a "spec" class like minicups.  There has been a lot of change in the last year - do we want to take on another change now?
4.  Cost.  If front brakes save you from one significant crash - did they pay for themselves?    


Starting in 2003 - all new minicups will come with front brakes as standard equipment.  Clearly, the best case scenario would be if all cars in every race had them, but is that possible and if so, when?  Here are the questions MMRA would like your feedback on:  (Voting is now over - Click here for results)

1.  Should MMRA require front brakes on all minicup cars?
         * If not, why?
         * If yes, see question 2.

2.  If front brakes do become required equipment, when should the change in rules take place?
        a.  The beginning of the 2003 season.
        b.  The 2003 Nationals events
        c.  Announced at the beginning of 2003 but doesn't take effect until 2004
        d.  Sometime down the road. . .

Exhibit A:  Front Brakes on a minicup.